DIN, 350's old brand font, was great. It could be a little stiff in a particularly German way (apologies, Germans), but overall, it served 350 well. The biggest problem? We couldn't share it. Any volunteers who wanted to make their own materials with 350 fonts were out of luck.

So what do you do when you the tool you need doesn't exist? You make it yourself. Klima is my version of a more relaxed DIN: slightly wider, with a similar geometric foundation but more plainspoken. In three weights with obliques, free for non-commercial, non-climate denial use.

Get it at KLIMA.IO → 2.0

Designing and building a site for 350 is tricky. It has to be attractive but not "slick", grassroots but not grungy, clean but not corporate, friendly but serious, hopeful but realistic (also: responsive, lightweight, performant, flexible, easy to manage, and translatable. →


eARTh (Earth Art) was the world's first satellite-based art project, organized by Heidi Quante. I worked with artists in several of the locations, most notably on the Langjökull Glacier in Iceland and in Brighton, England.

In Iceland, I drew the shapes and created a gridded plan so that the organizers could reproduce the image quickly and accurately at scale (you can see the diagram I made at 0:55 in this piece by Icelandic news program Kastljós). In Brighton the challenge was similar, but with a twist — instead of designing an image from scratch, I was adapting the Stanley Donwood cover art from the 2006 Thom Yorke (a partner in the project) album "The Eraser." The image comes from the story of King Canute, in which he futilely attempts to hold back the tide (a metaphor for climate inaction if there ever was one).

Despite whipping rain, over a thousand people showed up in Brighton to take the photo. Langjökull glacier photos by Christopher Lund. Brighton photos by Sealand Aerial Photography Ltd.

Mountaintop Removal PSA

I worked with Rainforest Action Network to create a short video introducing the dangers of mountaintop removal coal mining to the public. We were lucky to get an excellent voiceover from Susan Sarandon, as well great footage from, a regional anti-MTR group with talented and dedicated videographers. I was the director, editor and animator on the project.

Producers: Nell Greenberg and Jonathan McIntosh
Voiceover: Susan Sarandon


Lead Designer for

Born in Columbus, Ohio. Played with Legos. Loved to draw. Played drums in a high school band. Started messing around in Photoshop. Became a vegetarian. Studied green architecture at Western. Discovered that making posters and websites was more fun than building models. Moved to Washington DC to intern at Free Range. Moved to San Francisco to work for 350. Made some good friends. Ate too many burritos. Moved to Brooklyn for the hell of it.